Established in 2017, while Eduard Both was finishing his MA at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, CAP – its initials standing for Creative Anonymous Projects - premiered to wide, international acclaim.

At the chance discovery of a sock manufacturer on a road trip through France, Eduard introduced an RTW knitwear collection attracting retailers like Browns, 10 Corso Como, Jeffrey, The Room, HBC and Renaissance, to name a few. This experience, and the attention it gained Both, earned him design positions as a knitwear designer at distinguished fashion houses Miu Miu and Ports 1961. While fulfilling these roles, Eduard put CAP Studio temporarily on hold. Today, leaning on his enriched experience in design, production and craftsmanship, Both brings CAP Studio back to life for an entirely new chapter.

The idea of reviving CAP came together last year when the world was first struck by Covid-19. Eduard returned to his hometown of Antwerp from Milan, where he had been living for the past few years. As he kept designing remotely for Italian and Belgian clients, his own label and first passion remained alive in the back of his mind. His life in Italy and the random encounters he had there would prove instrumental for the revival of CAP. During his Milanese years, Both grew fond of a specialized shirt boutique in his neighbourhood. On one of his visits to the shop, Eduard coincidentally met the manufacturer of these shirts and exchanged contact details with him.

During the first lockdown, Eduard decided to get back in touch with the manufacturer, the owner of a third generation tailoring company located in Lombardy, and asked him to produce several shirt designs for his own private use. When he saw the finished prototypes, he felt so creatively stimulated that he decided to reinstate CAP with a comeback collection that reads like a tribute to craftsmanship.

Moving away from its original focus on knitwear, CAP reignites its creative conversations around the men's shirt, with a fresh perspective and a new direction. Both sets out to revisit the classic men’s staple, transforming it into a timeless and unisex wardrobe item. Evoking an escape from reality, the CAP shirting collection lives in a universe where one can trade one’s stripes for a butterfly print. Each CAP piece encourages one to dream.

The result is a chic yet laid-back unisex shirting collection featuring Victorian and gothic era influences, envisioning a romantic take on present-day society. By means of in-depth research on various traditional manufacturing techniques, Both achieves a highly personal interpretation of modern heritage. Fabric manipulation, embroidery, pleating, quilting, broderie anglaise and hand-drawn prints add further alluring touches to the shirt designs. The color palette and materials are carefully selected to withstand passing trends. Instead, the new CAP Studio aims at comfort, quality and timelessness, all with a playful touch. Designed for an oversized fit, each style is offered in three sizes, following the Japanese sizing system.

Although CAP does not explicitly claim to be a sustainable brand, within the team they do inform themselves about the possibilities at every step of the process, in order to take the best possible decisions — respecting the product, the manufacturers, and the environment while doing so.